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64 bit encoder tables


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We have an application where we use 4 absolute encoders (32bits) on a rotating stage. The goal is to combine the 4 readings to achieve maximum precision (remove random translation of the rotation axis). We use type 2 ECTs to read the raw data with full 32 bit precision

Acc84E[5].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd=$2114A0	// 32 bit 2bit status and 6bit polynom Biss C encoder
EncTable[19].type=2;        // 24+8 bit read entry;
EncTable[19].pEnc = Acc84E[5].Chan[0].SerialEncDataA.a   // address of lower 24 bit
EncTable[19].pEnc1 = Acc84E[5].Chan[0].SerialEncDataB.a  // address of upper 8 bits
EncTable[19].index2 = 0;
EncTable[19].ScaleFactor = 1.; 
EncTable[19].MaxDelta = 50000 * 256;


This creates a conversion table which is signed 32 bits. Is there a way to make this 64 bit?

When going forward and adding the four tables together using type 8 ETCs and scaling it by 1/4 we have the problem of the table rolling over and creating discontinuities (jump from 2^31-1 to -1*2^32) at an interval of 90 degrees (in units of the rotating stage).

I know that for the ongoing operation only the delta Position value is relevant and I should be fine. However the 90 degree ambiguity creates issues with the absolute power on position. I was thinking of using the high 8 bits of one of the encoders and the lower 24 bits of the ECT where the 4 encoders are combined as my power up position info.

Any thoughts on how to best implement the power on absolute position if the ETCs cannot be used as 64 bit?

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if only power on position is the concern, then you should be able to do it in a startup/poweron PLC.

read all 4 encoders and assemble the position through SerialEncDataA and SerialEncDataB registers.

average these 4 readings and put it in a register.

point Motor[x].pAbspos to that register, and make sure you set up Motor[x].AbsPosFormat and Motor[x].AbsPosSf properly.

issue HMZ online command or HOMEZ program command, and the absolute position will be read.

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You can manipulate the data manually and place it in two consecutive user buffers (e.g. Sys.Udata[10] and Sys.Udata[11]) then set up the following accordingly

Motor[].pAbsPos = Sys.Udata[10].a

Motor[].AbsPosFormat = $01003200 // example

Motor[].AbsPosSf = Motor[].PosSf // example


Or you can manually (when the motor is killed) write to the home position. Say you computed the data in Sys.Ddata[1]:

Motor[].HomePos = Motor[].ActPos - Sys.Ddata[1]

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