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What causes error #75: Struct Write Error


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I am trying to set up the Capture/Compare ISR routine as shown in the User's Manaul page 798, but I receive Error #75 when trying to enable the interrupt. (3 different ways now)


This error occurs during the download process of my global definitions.pmh file. (maybe not the best place to test this out, ...) where I have included the line:


UserAlgo.CaptCompIntr = 1


(The build succeeds, but errors on the download pointing to the UserAlgo line above.


However, I have also attempted to:


1) eliminate the UserAlgo.CaptCompIntr setting from the global definitions.pmh file instead, writing directly in the terminal window, with: UserAlgo.CaptCompIntr = 1

again, receiving an error #75 as the response in the terminal window and


2) Adding UserAlgo.CaptCompIntr = 1 in the pp_startup.txt file as was suggested in the SRM entry for UserAlgo.CaptCompIntr. This also resulted in an error #75 during download.


I'm running firmware version Any ideas what I'm doing to cause this error?


Do I have a configuration problem somewhere else that by attempting to enable the ISR we are being notified in a round-about fashion?


The source code for the ISR has been added to the user.c module and the compiler seems perfectly happy with it.

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