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Ethercat values visible via terminal, not via PMAC


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Hi all

I have some strange issue via some ethercat IO terminals.

This is my setup:

PowerBrick LV (version IMS), 8 axis

ethercat IO license


Ethercat Terminals connected:

- EK1100

- 3x EL 5032 (2 channel Endat 2.2 input)

- 1x EL3508 (8 channel RTD input)


I setup the system using the PMAC IDE


I tested the system with only the EL5032: I put the 6 readings from the three EL5032 in the foreground task, and that worked fine.


I added in a second moment the EL3508 to gather some PT100. I added to the chain, re-performed the ethercat configuration, and added the RTD values to the foreground task together with the other variables.


What I got is the EL3508 that does not exit the PREOP mode, and consequently the variables are not updated in the foreground task.

The strange thing is that if I perform the reading of the register of the EL3508 via terminal with the command:

ethercat -m0 -p4 -t int16 upload 0x6000 0x11

I can correctly see the values of the PT100.

So, the question is: how is it possible that the foreground task is not able to get the same register values that I can read via the terminal?


thanks a lot



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