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I am running a program which gathers data through the Delta Tau Plot feature. Once I upload the data, I made a plot of motor(1) Actual position and motor(1) cmd position on the left axis and time on the horizontal axis. When I save the data into a .txt file, the file gives a list like:


Time(sec) Motor[1] Act Position Motor[1]CmdPosition

0.00000000000000000 -1806515.47722567000000000 -1806520.06591749000000000

0.00250000000000000 -1806519.47722567000000000 -1806520.06591749000000000

0.00500000000000000 -1806519.47722567000000000 -1806520.06591749000000000

0.00750000000000000 -1806517.47722567000000000 -1806520.06591749000000000

0.01000000000000000 -1806520.47722567000000000 -1806520.06591749000000000


Can someone please explain what units the actual and command position are in?




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