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Storing lifetime distance traveled per axis?


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If you poll the velocity in a background script PLC, PMAC will guarantee that the polling will not affect servo/phase/RTI performance. It literally only polls "in the background" (i.e. when the CPU has completed all performance-critical tasks and has time to do other things). This will not be quite as accurate as polling at a set frequency, but for the purposes of tracking lifetime distance traveled (we're talking big numbers probably), it should be OK. Make sense?
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Ok so here is some pseudocode to accomplish what I think you all are telling me:


oldTime = currentTime

currentTime = GetTime()

timeDelta = currentTime - oldTime

velocity = GetAxisVelocity()

distance = velocity * timeDelta

totalDistance += distance


I would then run that loop in a PLC as fast as possible and it should have no effect on performance? Let me know if I am missing something.

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