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Servo Motor Setup with Power Brick AC


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We are setting up a servo motor with Power Brick AC controller. We are following the DC brushless manual motor setup from the controller manual to so this. However, when we reach the stage where the PowerBrick.Chan[j].PackOutData and PowerBrick.Chan[j].PackInData variables need to be assigned to 0, we are having problems. PowerBrick.Chan[j].PackOutData remains at 1 and PowerBrick.Chan[j].PackInData remains at 2 even if after assigning values '0' to them.


Can anyone please help figure out what's wrong?

(write protection IS disabled by Sys.WpKey=$AAAAAAAA)



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What IDE and firmware version are you using?


Just to make sure we are on the same page here, please confirm that you can follow this procedure and at the end the default values of 2 and 1 are returned. Each line should be one line in your terminal.


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