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RESOLVED - Unspecified AmpFault


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Hi I wanted to share my Problems and Solutions to make them

findable and help other people to find solutions to their Problems.


I am currently doing my obligatory internship as

at a research facility in Germany. Here I have been given the Task to

take make a PowerBrickLV work.

I used a Brushless Motor without any Limit switches, just for getting to

know the Powerbrick.


Problem: AmpFault when trying to run the tests and in the system setup



Source: Sys.pAbortAll, a global safety switch is set true at default.


Solution: Type Sys.pAbortAll = 0 into Terminal.


Unfortunately, when I started reading the manuals my supervisors afvised

me to watch the online tutorials instead, as it would take forever to

read the manual. In the Tutorials is no mentioning of this global fault switch.

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I suggest you run the System Setup utility and set the system up from scratch. Assuming everything is wired correctly, you should be able to finish the setup and jog your motor within 30 minutes.


For detailed instructions on using the System Setup utility (in the IDE, click Delta Tau-->Tools-->System Setup), download the Power PMAC IDE manual from FileDepot:


http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Power%20PMAC/Manuals/Power%20PMAC%20IDE.pdf [FILE REMOVED]


System Setup starts on page 22. This is likely a much faster approach than watching the online tutorials.


It would also be smart to get the Power Brick LV manual. If you want to set up the motor manually, start on page 110 and follow the instructions until page 154.

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Hi, I am sorry I didn't respond earlier. I assumed I would see some kind of notification and I didn't explore my user account until now. My prefered way of getting motors konfigurated is now to start with the PowerBrickLV Hardware Refernce Manual, get the Info on the direction of commutation from the setup program and then tuning the motor. Additionally I often look into the User's Manual for further Information.
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The PowerBrick line has extra safety features (which it seems everyone learns about the hard way). The video lectures on youtube are from our class that is taught with UMAC systems, so the Abort All feature is rarely discussed.


I would definitely recommend the PowerBrick LV manual. It is best to start at the beginning of Manual Motor setup to cover Abort All, the power on reset PLC and data unpacking.

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Hi Chris, thanks for your reply - I have solved the problem as mentioned in my first post. I realize that it would have been better to emphasize in the header that the problem is solved - I'll try to change that
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