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GPG File Size Exceeded, IDE


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I have a project that worked correctly on IDE 2 I am now trying to download it to my CK3E which I have upgraded to firmware


I believe I need IDE 4 with this flavour of Firmware, I am very keen to test out the new features delivered with this software firmware combination.


Having installed the IDE and configured the EtherCAT network from within the IDE, which is a nice feature, I went to download my project.


It builds with no errors but on download I get the following error:


Error : ( Preprocessing Error) GPG file size exceeded : on string ("")


Could someone shed a little more light on this error?


Is there a fundamental change between the IDE's that would cause this error?

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Try the latest version of the IDE on the ODT website (



This may correct the issue.


Hi Steve,


I installed the patch, this had the effect of moving the same error further down the list of our script files.


I guess the GPG file size limit was increased in the patch any chance this limit could be opened up further by a significant amount?

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