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Resolver ALT inputs & AdcEnc registers


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In the ACC24E3 user manual, page 100 suggests that ALTCOS & SIN can be read via Gate3.Chan[j].AdcEnc[2] & [3], with no automatic calculations performed, however page 52 & 53 suggest that the closest (of 8 options) we can get is to have raw A/D data for SIN/COS by leaving Gate3.AdcEncStrobe as default or "&" to clear.


Given that we want to have ALT COS & SIN signals in Gate3.Chan[j].AdcEnc[2] & [3] registers, which section in the manual is correct?


Thanks for any feedback



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Both sections of the manual are correct FOR THE PARTICULAR HARDWARE INTERFACE THEY DESCRIBE.


If you have the resolver interface board installed on the ACC-24E3, the ALTSIN and ALTCOS input values will be found in AdcEnc[2] and [3].


If you have the auto-correcting interpolator board for sinusoidal encoders installed on the ACC-24E3, you can get the raw SIN and COS values (unfiltered and uncorrected) in AdcEnc[2] and [3].

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