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Pewin32PRO with Windows 10


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We are using Pewin32PRO2 under Windows 7. In expected term to change to Windows 10 soon, I tryed to run Pewin32PRO Ver. under Windows 10. There I was able to change user rights to all users (not only with admin rights) in the registries but have seen no effect.

Is there any chance to get a Windows 10 running software in the future ?

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Please see this post in "Important Threads":



In this Post is no closing answer how to handle PEWIN32PRO with Windows 10 over Ethernet to TurboPMAC.

For me this is the most important part: Having a stable PEWIN32PRO Connection over Ethernet to TurboPMAC.


Any Solutions?


Hi Marcello,


I have seen that post a million times before and my guess is the root cause of that specific user's ethernet connectivity stability issue may not be related to use of PEWIN32PRO in Windows 10. I know from experience, for example, that certain Broadcom or Intel NIC drivers had this issue in the past and it was also not Windows 10 specific - just after reaching a specific packet count the network interface would simply not send or receive another packet.


If this was really a PEWIN32PRO + Windows 10 = Ethernet unresponsive after 10-15 minutes issue we would have many more complaints here.


I would try it out, leave it running 24/7 for a week or two to validate your specific setup and call it a day.

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