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ACC-5E with Power PMAC and Turbo PMAC


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I have an ACC-5E that was working fine with a Power PMAC but when i try to use it with a Turbo PMAC it does not accept configuration.


Specifically when using the card in a rack system with a Trubo PMAC i cannot set any of the MACRO variables, for example:









When setting a value to these variables they simply return to a value of zero.


Any idea why this would be the case?

is there a difference between the Power PMAC card vs the Turbo PMAC card?

Are there jumpers that need to be changed


Any Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated



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S1 Dipswitch are all set to "on"

This should make the base channel address $78400 (MARCO IC 0)


This is the only other card in the rack right now (with the Turbo PMAC CPU) to help with troubleshooting


Also, I can confirm that J1 jumper pins 1-2. I am using fiber for MACRO not the RJ45 connectors.

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