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Migration from ACC53E to ACC84E


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For a particular application we have moved from UMAC to Power UMAC.

Naturally the accessory we were using with Turbo PMAC 2 inside UMAC i.e. ACC53E could not be used so had to go for ACC84E.


We are using absolute gray code SSI encoders from Hengslter for reading on-going position of the axes.


I've a small doubt, when referring ACC53E manual, page no. 12 it talks about Data Read limitations where it says that the minimum time of the data read from the SSI encoders must be less than the High time of the clock signal used i.e. either phase clock signal or servo clock signal.

In the same topic it is mentioned the formula to calculate the minimum time based on each channel's capability of reading 25 bits of data.


Is the same logic applicable when we use the ACC84E in place of ACC53E?

What is the capability of reading no. of bits on each channel of ACC84E?

Is it anywhere related to the no. of bits (resolution of the SSI encoder being read?


We are facing some problems with encoder reading the last 2 digists keep varying and the same is getting reflected on the velocity read from the same feedback device creating problems in tuning as well as getting proper velocity profile for that particular application.


Can anyone help?

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