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Power Brick LV Model # Questions


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I purchased a PowerBrick LV from Ebay that has a Processor Number that is not defined in the manual. PBL8-PA0-320-5E05000.


Question 1:

What Processor is the "PA0" and will it work with the standard IDE.


Question 2:

5E05000 - The K option 5 is for 1-8 Axis Sinusoidal Encoder Option. My current BLDC Motors are standard Quadrature TTL Encoders. The Manual States:"Quadrature encoders can be wired in and processed regardless of the encoder feedback option(s) the Power Brick LV is ordered with." Does this mean the variable settings define the Encoder Signal Processing and as Long as I don't enable Sinusoidal processing I'm good to go.


Thank You for your time.

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Received the unit and got it fired up. I attached a screenshot of the Task Manager CPU info for anyone who is curious.


Still wondering about the Encoder inputs but I guess i'll find out when i start connecting thing up. For Those who are interested I believe this is a 465 CPU and it has 1 GB of RAM. Still curious about the unique part number if anyone knows.


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Thank you for the clarification. I was able to successfully commutate and tune my brushless motor last night. The new wizard makes this a lot easier and quicker than the manual setup on the Turbo and the automatic current and position tuning seems to be a little more accurate than the Pro2 Tune.


Thanks Again.

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I understand and appreciate your position.


This is for my personal use to learn the power pmac system and to build an upgrade path for or production systems at work. We currently use turbo pmac2 UMAC systems with the dpr option. We have one PC104 system that handles the motion triggers and calibrations and then another Ethernet solution that I developed using a custom interface between an Automation Direct Do-More PLC and your DPR GETMEM, SETMEM with a PLC that passes the M-Vars back and forth. These systems have been bullet proof for us and I needed a way to build an application that would work on the new Power Pmac before I can get my Boss to invest in the upgrade path. A lot of the integrators in the sawmill world push RMC's but I would prefer to stick with the Delta Tau products.


Thanks again.

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