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syntax error, unexpected '*'


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Sorry for the wrong post place of this issue.


I just want to try the example of CaptCompISR on page 6 of "LASER PULSE CONTROL WITH POWER PMAC DSPGATE3" .


The controller = CK3M

The firmware version =

IDE version =

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the code in usrcode.c :

void CaptCompISR(void)


volatile GateArray3 *MyGate3;

volatile unsigned IntCtrl;

unsigned *uintptr;

uintptr = (unsigned*) pushm;

MyGate3 = GetGate3MemPtr(3);



I run "Build and Download All Program" then

I got the messages as follow:


in output panel:

Uploading pp_error_hist.log file from the PowerPMAC.

Uploading pp_debug.txt file from the PowerPMAC.

Uploading and synchronizing PowerPMAC variables

Download successful.

Total Project download time = 5.663 seconds.

Total Project build and download time = 12.387 seconds.


in panel "Error List"


Severity Code Description Project File Line

Error syntax error, unexpected '*' 方案 'PowerPMAC3' ‎(1 專案) C:\Users\Eric Shyu\Documents\PowerPMAC IDE\PowerPMAC3\PowerPMAC3\C Language\Realtime Routines\usrcode.c 70



Thank you for your help!

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