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bgcplc not running


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I have two identical PMACs running identical code sets. However, one of them isn't allowing any of my bgcplcs to run. I start the cplc is started by running the following command via my C code:


reply = SetPmacVar(commandString,1); // Enable BGCPLC0 thread


I have 3 bgcplcs that run so in the above code, "value" would assume 0, 1, or 2. I print out the reply and it reads 0. I also type UserAlgo.BgCplc[0]=1 for example in the terminal and then query UserAlgo.BgCplc[0] and it returns 0.


Im a bit confused since both of my setups have the same hardware and are running the same code, yet I can't get any of the cplcs in the second PMAC to stay running. Oh and the config file for them is also the same.


I've attached a copy of one of the cplcs code for reference





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This would be a technical support issue.

Please contact ODT's technical support at:



Thanks Steve for talking on the phone today. I sent an email back to delatau support, but I'm going to continue to post here so that others may benefit as well.


Here is what I’ve done per Steve Millici’s instructions:

-Done a factory reset of CPU using $$$***

-Did a “Clean” of the project

-Went into the project file structure and deleted the files in /bin of the project

-Unloaded the project via the IDE

-Reloaded the project

-Downloaded the config file using the IDE

-Did a save and reboot of the PMAC

-Verified that the configuration is sticking by looking at entries in the Delta Tau->Setup Variables


Still no luck. I've also reloaded the firmware of the PMAC using the IDE. I've confirmed that the kernel is also identical.


Additionally, I've written my own little cplc for cplc3 and tried to run it and it also doesn't run:


#include "../../Include/pp_proj.h"

void user_plcc(){


The only difference that I see is that one PMAC had a 460EX processor and the other one that doesn't work is a 460EXRev.B

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