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Serial Encoder CRC/error


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On several of our ACC24E3 cards (Endat serial encoder) we are getting CRC & error bits (E0, E1) set in "SerialEncDataB". The errors appear to occur randomly on different cards and channels (we have 14 channels in use, 4 of which show errors) and persists for period of time from 5-45min after power on (from cooled down state).


If we issue the "hmz" command, the result is incorrect and different from when the error is not reported (perhaps unsurprisingly).


We have the following configuration for the Endat 2.2 serial encoders.


Acc24E3[n].SerialEncCtrl = $1000003 (this is directly from the Acc24E3 manual)

Acc24E3[n].Chan[n].SerialEncCmd = $71419


Based on the behaviour it seems that the issue relates to temperature, however it is not clear what is causing this as there is really just the serial encoder and ACC24E3 involved in the loop.


Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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