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I am reworking an application I wrote that pulls data from DPRAM on a Turbo PMAC 2 using the GETMEM ethernet protocol and displays the axis data on a PC.


Currently I have a PLC that populates M-VAR's that point to User DPR and I pulled those bytes down. I was working with the Background Motor reporting feature and ran into an issue with the Following Error.


For clarification I created a following error that is exactly the same as the master position so i could compare the bytes in the DPR viewer and i'm not sure why they show FF? I attached a picture to show what i'm seeing.


The MSbyte @ offset 0x0074 is FF when it should be 0C?


The reporting works fine on the Master Position. @ offset 0x009C you can see it is $0C99


It is odd because i was doing #1j:1000 and it seems to work at some points and then add's the FF at others then goes back to a correct reading on the next #1j:1000? I'm sure there is something i'm missing but I was hoping for clarification?


Thank You.


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