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Full download after reset requires stepping through motor configuration every time.


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System is PowerBrickLV, 8 Channel 5/15 Amp.


So I have built a new milling table system and tested it with fully closed loop BLDC Motors and stepper motors. Both systems worked as expected once tuned and programmed.


One issue i seem to have with the stepper motor configuration is if I do a reset and save with $$$***, save.


Then download my fully working project the motors won't move. I just see a following error develop.


If I open the System -> Motors -> 1-5 one at a time and change one thing, for example change my input Voltage by 1 V, and step through each configuration step for the motor saving it and commissioning. Then I download my working configuration everything works fine?


I even tried copying the entire systemsetup.cfg to a Global include to force all the parameters back to my working config and it still won't move the motors until I step back through the Motor Setup even though they all show Green and good to go.


What variable is getting set to enable the direct micro-stepping that i can't seem to set from a text configuration?


Shouldn't I in practice be able to forgo all the GUI system setup options and just pipe in a hard-coded system configuration as a Global include Starting out with




then save and Comment out the contents of that file and continue with the rest of my programming. Then once everything is tuned and working perfect I can create a new master configuration file from the systemsetup.cfg and make that my fail-safe to reload in the even something gets horribly out of wack?




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