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unable to install firmware


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I am currently trying to install a newer firmware on my Powerbrick system. I currently have firmware installed and it seems to be working alright. I am now attempting to upgrade firmware to (in which our configuration projects are compatible with), but I cannot seem to get it to work.


I get the following message when attepmting to do it with via ssh: dpkg -i /var/ftp/usrflash/powerpmac.deb
Selecting previously unselected package powerpmac465.
(Reading database ... 16748 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking powerpmac465 (from .../var/ftp/usrflash/powerpmac.deb) ...
Creating backup package of current system - preinst
dpkg-deb: building package `powerpmac' in `/tmp/debian.deb'.
Stopping ethercat subsystem - preinst
/opt/etherlab/etc/sysconfig/ethercat not existing
Making disk writable - preinst
AMP862xxxvB Installation
dpkg: error processing /var/ftp/usrflash/powerpmac.deb (--install):
unable to stat `./usr/bin/fw_setenv' (which I was about to install): Input/output error
Errors were encountered while processing:


I am not entirely sure of how to proceed from here. Anyone else have seen something similar?


Best Regards,


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There are some Power Brick systems that have the 465 CPU in them, however almost all of them use the 460 CPU. Are you sure that your system is compatible with the Firmware, rather than the firmware?


If you can still communicate with the Power Brick, you can verify which firmware is needed by issuing the command "CPU". A 460 CPU will respond "PowerPC, 460EX", while a 465 CPU will respond "PowerPC, APM86xxx". If you are unable to communicate with the unit currently but truly believe it to be a 465 CPU, you are welcome to contact ODT-Support@omron.com with the serial number and ask us to verify which CPU is inside of your unit.

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