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PPMAC MPG routine


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Can anyone give suggestions, tips, or tricks for using an MPG wheel input as a separate encoder? My current MPG.plc is basically a variable jog command that accounts for click direction and accumulated clicks since the last scan.....basically a carry over from PMAC PCI.


My routine works great for singlets and steady clicks: So if I turn one click on my MPG wheel and my increment is set to 0.001, the routine sends a jog 1=* command and it moves 0.001.....that works in both directions and quick change of direction no problem.



Starting with the axes at 0.000 with my MPG increment set to 0.001:

If I'm clicking slow and whip to say 10 clicks I would expect the axis to move to 0.010 but sometimes it will move to 0.013, next time the same scenario may yield 0.017, etc.... With this being said, I have zero issues with commanded moves.


Is there a better way to MPG rather than using a jog command based on clicks? I can't find many examples in the manuals or exactly what I'm looking for on the forum. I feel that there must be an easier way with PowerPMAC.


If anyone is truly interested, I can post a snippet of my routine.


Thank you for any insight.

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It sounds like you are using an old Turbo PLC, converted for Power PMAC, and the acceleration settings are not converted properly.


The PLC I am thinking of has code that progressively scales the master position, i.e. handwheel, in order to slew the follower, i.e. controlled axis, up to the speed of the master. That will have an affect on the position scaling of the handwheel which will be aggravated by improper acceleration settings.


There is a robust and proven PLC for Power PMAC that I can provide if you are interested. Just email to ODT-Support@omron.com.

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