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IDE v4 why no Etherlab Stack Setup Application


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Maybe I'm missing something but I decided to do some testing on my Power Brick LV with 465 CPU.


I have the 4 Servo EtherCAT option and so I purchased a couple of R series Ethercat temposonics rods. We do a lot of hydraulic positioning applications and I wanted something to play around with.


When I went to configure EtherCAT I realized that version 4 doesn't support the EtherLab stack. I loaded version 3 and opened system setup. Configured the rod and Loaded the PDO's to the pmac. then went back to IDE 4 terminal and activated EtherCAT. Everything Looks good from an initial setup I have Position and Velocity Feedback. Not really sure about the whole DC thing but I will figure that out as i move forward with ECAT.


I was just wondering why you don't include the System Setup Application or at least the Etherlab portion of it in version 4? Is there some other way I should have configured the EtherCAT network and loaded the PDO's that I'm missing?




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A configuration is all that is needed to store EtherLAB setup (not the case for Acontis). I would suggest setting up EtherCAT in IDE as the first part of your project (after clock setup, but that is kind of part of EtherCAT) and then taking a configuration. You can add existing that configuration into your IDE 4 project or copy the contents into a header (global includes) file to make it a permanent part of your IDE project.
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