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Data Recording in Power PMAC


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I've created a PLC to gather data in an automated manner. Currently if I have the PMAC Plot utility open and Auto Plot enabled, the plot will automatically display. Then I can save the raw data to text file manually.


I'd like to automate the process of saving the text file of the "plotted" data. Since the gather function creates a .gat file, then has to be uploaded to the plotter, then saved as .txt data it's time consuming if the process needs to be repeated a lot.


Please let me know if there's a way to achieve this. Thanks in advance!

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There's no easy way to do quite that (that I can think of), but if you open your own ssh connection to the PMAC, you can stream the data yourself and do whatever you would want with it. If you have the PDK, there should be an example doing just this, but if not, the short version of it is that you can issue "gather" after PMAC has already started gathering and PMAC will immediately stream all of the data it is gathering to your ssh window. If you issue "gather -w" instead, it will instead enter a waiting state such that, whenever PMAC starts gathering, it will stream.


After you have connected the firehose, so to speak, it is up to you to decide what to do with the data. You could gather as long as you want by setting gather.enable = 3 ("infinite" gather) such that you may not even need multiple gathers, but the resulting file could be very long and hard to parse.

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I've never heard of the feature you describe above (using SSH to stream gather data) I tried doing as you describe, but no data stream appears. If this works, it would be quite handy. I am trying on CK3E, firmware ver. I don't see it documented anywhere. Can you advise?

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My suspicion is that you issued "gather" to Linux before the data was being gathered. The procedure would typically be:


1. Use the Plot Tool to configure your data acquisition.

2. Click "Gather Data"

3. Once it starts, click "Stop"

4. Issue Gather.Enable =3 in the terminal window.

5. Open SSH connection to PMAC

6. Log in to SSH

7. Issue "gather" at the Linux prompt in the SSH session


If you do that, you should immediately see data streaming to the SSH session, which can be stopped by either issue "ctrl + c" in the SSH session (to close the "gather" program which is streaming the data) or by issuing "gather.enable=2" in a GPASCII session (which will actually make PMAC stop gathering data).


Steps 1-3 are not essential, but they are the easiest way to configure the Gather Settings correctly. If you know how to, you can configure them manually or copy them out of the Plot tool and issue them from a PLC instead so that it can be done more programmatically.


Finally, if you are using "gather -w" instead, then you can do steps 5-7 before step 4, though I would still recommend doing steps 1-3 first.


If all of that doesn't work (for either of you), feel free to email me and I can try to help troubleshoot it that way. I do seem to remember one firmware version had broken symbolic links for gather, so it would need to be issued explicitly with the full path--if you follow the steps and it still doesn't work, that might be the issue, for instance.

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