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Control of 3-phase stepper motor using Power Brick LV


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Hello all,


I would like to know if it is possible to control 3-phase stepper motors using Power Brick LV.


The Power Brick LV User Manual shows motor wiring for 2-phase stepper motors and 3-phase brushless servo motors only. Can 3-phase stepper be wired the same as 3-phase brushless servo?


Also according to the Power Brick LV User Manual:


"BrickLV.Chan[j].TwoPhaseMode selects the operational output mode of the amplifier channel. If set to its default value of 0, the amplifier is set to 3-phase operational mode, using the U, V, and W output lines.

This operational mode is mainly used with Y-wound or delta-wound brushless servo motors (but 3-phase stepper motors do exist)."


At first, my idea was to set TwoPhaseMode = 0 and try driving the motor using the brushless motor setup.

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Are you intending to use the encoder or not? If not it would be best to start with the "Stepper Motors – Direct Microstepping without Encoder" example, but will the following changes:


Motor[].PhaseOffset = 683

Motor[].PhaseMode = 0

I2T Protection would already be correct for a 3 phase motor in that section, but once it's updated to be correct for 2 phase you'll want to keep the cos(30) like below:

Motor[].MaxDac/I2tSet = PeakCurrentrms * 32768 * √2 * cos(30°) / MaxAdc

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