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Delay on jog


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My system uses air pads to levitate a very heavy granite and one stepper motor controls its movement with encoder feedback for closing loop. I am using brake output to control the pneumatic valves of this pneumatic system.


I would like to know if it is possible to implement a delay on trajectory, because my system takes some seconds to stabilize when AmpEna = 1. If we try to command some movement before the establishment of the air gap, the control will diverge since the granite is locked.


I saw that we have the trajectory pre-filter, but this structure allows delays in order of servo cycles times, I need more delay time, is it possible?


I would like to perform this on jog commands for individual motors and on motion programs.




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You might want to look at Motor[x].BrakeOffDelay and Motor[x].BrakeOnDelay elements.

They are designed to help mitigate this type of situation.


Hi Dave!


Thank you for reply and hope this message finds you well.


The Motor[x].BrakeOffDelay and Motor[x].BrakeOnDelay does not work for me because its behaviour is to delay the brake commnd after AmpEna=1. When I command j+ the motor begins producing force and brakes are enagaged yet.


Thats why I would like to delay the s-curve trajectory.

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