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Add folder on powerpmac project


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I am trying to add a custom folder on powerpmac project. I modified the .ppproj to include the custom folder (named step-scan) and it works as I could see it on my project (see figure 1 attached).


However I could not find the PLC's declared variables by query them on terminal and the PLC name could not be found.


My PLC was dowloaded as I could see it inside these folders:


./.readonly/var-tmpfs-mirror/ftp/usrflash/Project/PMAC Script Language/step-scan/trigger.plc
./var/ftp/usrflash/Project/PMAC Script Language/step-scan/trigger.plc


but maybe PowerPMAC could not interpret it.


I am trying to use submodules of git to version my codes as I have a lot of devices that could be updated at once if it works.


Is there a way to include custom folders and interpret them as native folders such as PLC Programs?


Note: just adding the file does not work for me because IDE creates a copy of my submodule and I lose the files tracking from git.



George Kontogiorgos


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Hi George,


After testing this myself, I see that I am able to create a custom folder by also editing the .ppproj file however when I import the .plc file through the IDE and create a sample plc routine, I am unable to query or use that plc from the terminal. I don't have a clear work around.


However, I discussed with the IDE team and it looks like cannot support this method of adding additional custom folders for program routines and we cannot advise users to go this route other than our supported software specifications.


Just so I understand, what is preventing you from using the pre-existing "PLC Programs" folder and adding PLC routines there exactly? I apologize I am unfamiliar with the target of your project.


Kind regards,


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The IDE only knows how to handle the folders that are built in (or in certain cases added through right click options). In your case it looks like the file containing the PLC was downloaded to PMAC, but the variables were not mapped and the code was not ran, it just went along for the ride. Normally if you want this behavior you would put your file in the download location.


The PLC file can still be read in from PMAC's hard drive, but if the PLC has a name or requires any declared variables it will not work. This is the same behavior you would get if you selected the PLC code and dragged it into the terminal. If it works you would then be able to run the PLC with the command "ENABLE PLC X", where X is the name or number.


The following commands can be used to read a file on pmac in the correct sense. Replace {/path/File.plc} with the actual plc file and location. Remove the {}.

SSH: gpascii -i{/path/File.plc}
IDE Terminal/Gpascii: system gpascii -i{/path/File.plc}
Prog/PLC: system "gpascii -i{/path/File.plc}"


Since you probably want your PLC to be handled normally by the IDE, I would suggest using the "PLC Programs" folder.

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