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Hello everyone,


I just configured a micro milling machine and in order to test the machine, I wrote a simple program to generate a profile. The program has linear and circle commands.


I ran the program yesterday and it worked. it generated the profile I wanted.


but I came in today to test the same program but it's not generating the profile. instead of circular motion, it is generating a straight line.


please can anybody tell me what might be the cause?


I will sincerely appreciate your assistance to help me fix this problem


Thank you




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The coordinate system must be in move segmentation mode (Isx13>0) in order to perform circular interpolation. If Isx13=0 (no move segmentation), the moves will be linearly interpolated.


If Isx13 is greater than zero, Coordinate System x is in segmentation mode, and all LINEAR and CIRCLE

mode trajectories are created by computing intermediate segment points with a coarse interpolation

algorithm every Isx13 milliseconds, then executing a fine interpolation using a cubic spline algorithm

every servo cycle.

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Hello everyone,


Please I want to ask if it is possible for the turbo PMAC to not respond to certain commands.


I noticed that my machine doesn't respond to certain commands such as CIRCLE 1 and CIRCLE 2. When I issue these commands the machine executes them as a straight (LINEAR) command.


Also, I changed the plain but I didn't notice any changes. that is I used K-1 at first then later changed it to J-1 and I-1 but didn't notice any changes.


I also wrote a program using ABS and later changed to INC yet I didn't notice any changes in the execution.


Is it possible that the machine doesn't respond to certain commands or what could be the cause ?


Please I will appreciate your contribution'


Thanking you in advance.



Best Regards,


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Can you post a simple program that you're writing that isn't working? It's possible you're missing some other command. For instance, if you do not specify the centerpoint correctly, it may effectively treat it as a straight line.


Depending on if this would be safe to do with your motors, try to move to the absolute location X = 10, Y = 5, then issue:


Normal K-1



Circle1 F 10

X 25 Y 30 I 20 J 5


That should yield a quarter circle that looks like this.


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