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ecat reset issue


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Hello guys,


Recently we ran into an issue that, each time try to reset the ethercat network by typing ecat reset and got following error:


Unable to grant software licenses by:

/opt/therlab/tec/sysconfig/.ethercat for MACID:55:4E:4B:4E:4F:57


And ethercat can never be activated.


The network topology we are using is:

Master: CK3M, Firmware with Actonis Stack. Sys.EtherCAType is 1

Slave: ECC203 -> Pilz -> Omron Drive


Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!



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Thanks for the reply. I am certain that it has been received as this.


Also in addition that, it also report "Network Type1, ECAT License for 4 axis" when command "ecat reset". We are using Ck3m and I believe it support 8 ECAT axis. Not sure why the license number only 4.




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Different CK3M products have licenses for different numbers of axes--one of them does supply for 8 axes, but a different one is licensed for 4.


Since this seems like it's something specific to your hardware, it would likely be better resolved over email. Would you be able to send an email to ODT-Support@Omron.com, including:


-A link to this thread

-A screenshot to the response to "ecat reset" (I believe there may have been typos in the path you posted, so a screen shot will help guarantee accuracy)

-The serial number of the unit (likely 8 digits, beginning "C000", on a black-and-white barcode sticker)

-The model number of the CPU (it should be written on the module, likely "CK3M-CPUxxx")


We will likely ask you to issue a few commands to get more information and then figure out how to proceed from there.

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