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Motion Program size limit


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I want to know maximum size of "Motion Program buffer".

because, some application needs to big buffer size. (3D printer, Laser Cutter, NC)



I found a menu in PowerPMAC IDE.

Project => Properties => PowerPMAC Buffer => Program buffer

It's default value is 16(MB). but I don't know it's maximum.

Is it a right solution, to expend motion program size limit?


If not....



Do you know the function like a 'binary rotary buffer' in PowerPMAC.

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There is no real "maximum size" for Motion Program buffer.

Motion Programs can be as big as you have space in PMAC.

If your program is bigger than default (16MB), you are correct, raise maximum size.


By default, much of PMAC memory is "empty".

This allows users to change buffer size limits if they want to use more.

Alternately, if their project gets very big or they have many C programs, they can use memory for that.


PMAC does also have "binary rotary buffer" function.

Look for "rotary" in Software Reference Manual or PMAC User's Manual.

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