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SendGetSends problem on CK3M


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I found a problem people should be aware of. We are using a CK3M controller with a realtime C PLC. We stream data using a Send command in the RTI CPLC.



Using two Putty instances, I am able to boot into the CK3M and run "sendgetsends/sendgetsends -5" to begin receiving the data stream, and gpascii -2 to trigger my RTICPLC to Send.



If I close the "sendgetsends/sendgetsends-5" Putty window without stopping the RTICPLC send loop the "sendgetsends/sendgetsends-5" process will get stuck open on the CK3M. This means if I run a fresh "sendgetsends/sendgetsends-5" Putty window, the data is steaming erractically. And if you Putty in, and call "ps -aux" you can see two instances of "sendgetsends/sendgetsends -5" . If I kill the older process the newer "sendgetsends/sendgetsends -5" stream will pick back up and have data pumping correctly.



I don't recall this being an issue with our older Power PMACs. Also, the older PowerPMAC's only needed a "sendgetsends -5" to run, without the double name. Historically you can't even connect two instances of SendGetSends since it is supposed to lock the stream.

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