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Linux tool to Build and Download Project


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We are trying emulate the IDE Solution Explorer's 'Build and Download All Programs' feature using Linux Python, so that a project can be modified and loaded onto a Power PMAC without requiring the IDE.

Looking at the PDK (PowerPMAC Development Kit) sample program called BuildAndDownload, the download process seems very simple. However, I am having a hard time reconciling the build process in BuildAndDownload with the output from the IDE when I execute a 'Build and Download All Programs'. It seems the former is just a standard cross-compilation of the Project's C-code, whereas the IDE performs a few additional steps - 'Uploading Libraries from Power PMAC', 'Executing Project Script', 'Mapping Power PMAC variables' and 'Synchronising Database'. Can someone provide an explanation of what these steps are and why they are necessary?

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