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Auto-correcting interpolator


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Dear ODT team,

We have placed an order for 4+2 ACC24-E3 card and we see an unprecedented delay for this card for last 8 months. Kindly let me know any chances of getting them sooner.


Alternatively, I need to check if I can use a ACC51E high resolution interpolation card for the Analog encoder interpolation? Does this card comes with gate 3 type of auto-correction option in it? If so, can I use ACC51E instead of ACC24-E3 for the encoder feedback? Kindly advice as we are over run on the timeline badly.




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"Kindly let me know any chances of getting them sooner."

I would contact the local sales channel for order status.


The ACC-51E does NOT use Gate3, it is Gate1.But technically, yes, you can use it for sine/cosine analog encoder input.

It's interpolation is x4095 as opposed to the standard x16384 with ACC-24E3 or x65536 with ACC-24E3 ACI option. This should be taken into consideration configuring the encoder/motor.

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