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Using Powerbrick Output as TrueDac type Coordinate


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I have a powerbrick system with several unused outputs. I was wondering if any of those outputs could be configured to act as a feedback free coordinate linked to the voltage output. Essentially it would be an Analog Out type channel that can be linked to a coordinate for the motion control. It was not clear to me if this would be possible as this is a PWM type controller/amplifier combination.


I also have an AX1515N which I am interested in doing a similar thing. It seemed somewhat more likely to be possible with this device.

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For “True DAC” in the Power Brick you will need manual setup either in the IDE as a custom configuration file or as Global Includes.


For setup of the AX1515N on a CK3M, use the IDE’s automatic setup. This is described in the motor setup section of the IDE manual.


Make sure to use the latest IDE version:


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