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Can't ping the CPU after a power dip


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After a power dip, we can't any longer communicate to our power pmac.


On the RG45 interface, both lights come amber and one of them blinks. I tried pinging the device locally using both set and default IP addresses. I have no success.


Can I connect via serial to debug the issue? Can I reset the CPU card to fix the issue?


In general, I want to figure out whether the power dip damaged the CPU card or not. Any guidance on how to proceed with testing is much appreciated.


Thank you,


Chanaka De Silva


Brookhaven National Laboratory

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Use the factory reset folder in a USB memory stick:

Folder Name: PowerPmacFactoryReset

Description: Power PMAC starts up in factory reset mode ($$$***).


Power PMAC upon startup checks available USB memory sticks and SD cards for certain folder names (we call this the PPmac Recovery Mode). Existence of any of these folders forces the Power PMAC to a special mode other than normal mode (booting and loading the project in the flash).


This will clear your project. Monitor the serial port during this process. If this does not allow communications, please contact technical support at ODT-Support@omron.com with the above serial port output.

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