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Changing Mapping between encoder list and motor list


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I have a CK3M system with 2 4-channel drive controllers on it. I am using the first 2 channels on each to run motors 1,2 and 3,4 in those groups but the system assigns the servo capture for the limit flags and such to the 3 and 4 channels on the first controller for encoder elements. I can redirect some of them in the hardware interface but the ones linked to the encoder seem stuck.


In the end these motors are X(1),Y(2),Z(3) and R(4) for an NC16 so should I just number the 3 as Motor 5 and 4 as Motor 6 and then do the axis assignment somewhere else.

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You could rearrange the motors so you don't have to change the channel settings if you want. This is what I would try:


1. For each motor, manually set the following:






2. Sync motors with project as shown in the attached picture.


I have alerted the software team that there is no way to change these settings from the wizard.


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