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CK3M Brake Setup


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I find it confusing that the motor setup wizard does not have any options for break setup without using the terminal. I need to be able to configure the break and disengage it to do encoder direction checking and anything energizing the motor for setup but it does not have a spot to enter the info like in the hardware interface section which seems the obvious spot.


So I have a CK3M with a AX1313N as Gate3[1] (Gate3[0] is a AX1515N) with the brake for Motor 3 wired to GPIO 10.


I have set the following in the terminal and then saved them to the project:


Motor[3].pBrakeOut = CK3WAX[1].GpioData[0].a

Motor[3].BrakeOutBit = 10


How to I test this is working?

As when I use the commands that normally change these values this one does not seem to change.

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The problem was that bit 10 for the Gpio on a AX1313N is not an output bit. It is an input bit. It also does not match pin 10 on the connector. So the proper settings are for pin 10 on the GPIO connector is Motor[3].BrakeOutBit = 16

This allows me terminal control of the brake and I can here it click off and then on when doing terminal commands so I know it is functioning properly before I move along with the rest of the motor setup for the Ck3A-G3.




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Continuing on the motor setup another problem seems to have occurred.

I got through the Current Sensor Direction test. Then I got through the 6 position test. Then I went to the current loop test. It failed this test with the Amplifier throwing an AC (short circuit error). Now the 6 position test fails with a checking the command and measured correlation currents. Either Motor offset setting does not match the response from the amplifier or motor lead U or W disconnected. Nothing was changed in the leads from before running the 3rd setup test type.


I checked the pin to pin resistance on the motor and those seem to match spec ~1.5 Ohm

I noticed poor usage of the brake during this testing so I have moved the Motor.brakebit to a different bit and manual set the real brake bit to disengage the break.

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