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Motor Setup on CK3A-G305L with AX1313N


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I am trying to setup two motors on these PWM drivers using the AX1313N.

Neither motor type seems to be able to be configured by the wizard. The wizard does a terrible time with the Phase scaling calculation and seems to not use the brake properly.


First motor is a linear motor with 3 cycles in 2 mm of travel with a linear encoder with 0.0001 mm resolution. It is a 3->1 UVW transition for the hall sensors. I hence set -170.6667 for AbsPhasePosSf. PhasePosSf is found to be about 0.0019999. This gives me good plots of UVW vs phase position when hand pushing the motor. This these settings it can get through the voltage 6 step test but fails out on the current loop.


I know this motor works fine as I ran it with an ACS controller this morning to verify proper operation.


Second motor is a rotary motor with 16 poles per rotation and 40,000 encoder counts. Also 3->1 UVW transition. PhasePosSf is on the order of 1.599e-5 to provide approximately close match between the phase cycles and the UVW when manually moving the motor. I will note that the units for this position are in REV compared to mm for the other motors and I have to use 4 million user units to get the proper alignment between revs and physical motion of the motor. This motor refuses to go through the 6 voltage step test. I have check that the motor resistances are correct and not shorted or broken.

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To Update this based on work with Support. I have found that there is some non obvious setting that is messing up both the Automatic and Manual Test and Set box for this combination of amplifier and controller when using quad encoder feedback. The 6 set voltage test passes but the current loop will not work. If you go and manual tune the current loop then do the 6 step current test, the motors move properly to where they are supposed to go (verified by watching the encoder positions and the hall sensors during the process) but the software is trying to read the encoder positions from somewhere different and just reads out essentially 0 all the time for the position. This is likely also the problem with the current loop test as it tries to move the stage to a position and I think it is not seeing the motion so fails the test out.
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