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CK3A-G305L Voltage Settings on Scaling Paremeters


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So I have 2 CK3A-G305L hooked up to 120 VAC power. This sets the output levels to 110 VAC with 5 Amps according to the data on the side of the drives. When using PowerPmac and loading the drive type from the data it lists the max input at 240 AC with 5 RMS Amps Continuous and 10 RMS Instantaneous for 2 Seconds. For the Maximum ADC Current the value appears o be 15.737 amps, 4 bit header, 16 bit resolution. It also lets me put in a value for the Input Voltage which I have set at 120 but it lists VDC which this is not.


Both of my motors have gotten through voltage 6 step test and the phase/UVW plots look good but they do not really seem to do much on the Tune Current Loop. It seems like the current limits are being set to low where I get an ADC reading allowed of 1886 bits which using the values above for 15.7 amp range and 16 bits is about 0.45 amps which is quite a bit lower than the 1.7 max continuous amps allowed for the motor and maybe not enough to get the motors moving.


What are the proper settings for these parameters?

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