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Memory share between PowerPMAC Script Language and application on Linux


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I would like to know if there is a way to share variables (e.g. Global Variables) between PowerPMAC Script Language and embedded Linux on controller.


Actually, I was unsuccessfully trying to create a C program and compile it with GCC to access the content of a Global Variable address as the example as follows:



int main()
 int * pointer;

 pointer = 0xa9304b20;

 printf("%d\n", *pointer);

 return 0;






The program crashed by Segmentation Fault error and I'm searching for new ways to access these variables on the memory by Linux.

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This would be very complicated if the program is compiled outside of the IDE.


This could be done easily with a background C Application ("C Language" -> "Background Programs" -> "capp1"). Just declare a gobal variable in script and use it as a double in C. Printf statements will be visible over SSH.


To call the program.

From IDE Terminal/GPASCII:
system /var/ftp/usrflash/Project/C\ Language/Background\ Programs/capp1.out
From Script PLCs/Motion Programs:
system "/var/ftp/usrflash/Project/C\ Language/Background\ Programs/capp1.out“

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