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Powerpmac IDE (v4.5.1.3) freezes on command input

Guilherme Montagner

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Hello, greetings.
I would like to report a bug and provide some information regarding usage of version of the Powerpmac IDE, and also to request for some help in resolving this bug, which is causing some difficulties for many collaborators while using this IDE here at the Sirius Synchroton facility.

The bug:
While using the IDE to connect to and operate a Powerpmac controller and visualize data about a system, I observed that the IDE freezes after issuing some commands on the terminal (any commands. In the example below I’m using position report commands such as “#xp”, Where x denotes the motor index.).


More specifically, after issuing a series of 10 to 20 commands such as the one above, one cannot type into the terminal command box anymore, the mouse pointer is not displayed on any part of the IDE window anymore, and one cannot Interact at all with the IDE, for about 30 seconds. After this period the IDE starts working normally again, but after trying to type anything on the terminal command box, the same behaviour happens again. To normalize the IDE operation, one must close the IDE and reopen it. However, after executing some commands, once again, the reported behaviour comes back.

To succesfully use the IDE for any objective that includes sending commands on the terminal, one must repeatedly close and reopen the software each time it freezes


The attempt to fix:

It has been observed that a message concerning database appears on the software output window at startup. Here it is:


Because of this, an attempt of fixing the bug has been made, but was not succesful. However, on this process we observed an interesting fact. If one stops the “Powerpmac 4 Database” Service execution, as seen below, the reported bug disappears completely, as long as it concerns issuing the “#xp” position report commands used for this test.



(The highlighted field in the image above contain the text, in portuguese:  (TOP) PowerPMAC 4 Database -> In execution. (BOTTOM) PowerPMAC 4 Database -> [blank] (means “stopped”))


Because of this we conclude that the reported bug is related to the operation of the Powerpmac IDE mysql database, or at least, to some functionality that depends on this service.

Does anyone know what exactly is happening with the v4.5.1.3 version of Powerpmac IDE, regarding this “screen freezing” bug? How could we repair it, if possible? Have this bug been observed by anyone else? Is it going to be fixed on future versions of the software, or is it already fixed in any version?

Thank you very much for the attention.


Guilherme Montagner

Electronics technician at Setup automação, Campinas-SP Brazil

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I was not able to replicate the issue by manually pasting lines into the terminal of IDE I was able to get the IDE to freeze for a few seconds after dragging in 500 lines of "#1p" from the text editor.

Does this happen when the computer is connected directly to the PMAC by an ethernet cable?
Are these lines being issued programmatically? If so it may be preferable to go through an SSH connection.

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