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malloc allocation error in a servo control algorithm in the Realtime Routines folder.


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Hi,   I am receiving this error "implicit declaration of function 'malloc' " when using servoData = (char *)malloc(CHAR_BUF_SIZE_3*sizeof(unsigned char)); in a user-defined ServoCtrl algorithm in the Realtime Routines folder in the IDE. My goal is to use sprintf and send commands to be able to print a float variable to the unsolicited message window and monitor its value as below:

char  *servoData;

servoData = (char *)malloc(CHAR_BUF_SIZE_3*sizeof(unsigned char));

sprintf(servoData,"desired position is  %f  \n", 230.5);


Any idea how I can still use "malloc" without the error to run the "Send" command? Thanks.

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The following user servo routine will run one time (if applied to motor 0) and send a message on buffer 1. 

double MyServo(struct MotorData *Mptr)
	char MyCharArray[100];
    pshm->Motor[0].ServoCtrl = 0;
    return 0;

Malloc should not be  included in usercode.c. Any time malloc is used, free must also be used to free up that memory.

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