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How to Verify MicroHAWK or V/F4xx Flash Memory Hardware Prior to Firmware Update/Downgrade

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This note will show how to verify the version of flash memory hardware used on any MicroHAWK or
V/F4xx-family barcode scanner or smart vision camera. This is important information prior to attempting
to update firmware past version 1.3 (for MicroHAWK ID or V4xx) or AutoVISION 5.0 (for MicroHAWK
MV or F4xx) since doing so on an incompatible unit can result in loss of communication with the unit.
Recovering units at that point generally requires specialized cabling and assistance from Technical

Step 1

Connect to the device and open a telnet connection (all screenshots will show the use of Windows
Telnet Client). Default IP address is if still using defaults.


Step 2
Log in to the device shell using the following credentials:
Username: target
Password: password


Step 3
Type the command SeeFlashID() (in yellow below). The information we are seeking is highlighted in red
below. If the response says SST25 then the unit has the older flash memory which is compatible with all
versions of firmware and no further action is necessary. If the response says SST26 then the unit has
the new flash memory hardware. This new hardware MUST be used with firmware version 1.3 (for
MicroHAWK ID or V4xx) or AutoVISION 5.0 (for MicroHAWK MV or F4xx) or NEWER to function. Use
of any firmware versions older than this on a unit with the new flash memory hardware will result in a
soft “bricking” of the unit which can only be recovered through the use of RS232 cabling and likely will
require assistance from Technical Support.
Note: Only units made after approximately May 2018 have the new SST26 flash memory. If in doubt,
run this check.


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