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Using ESP to Restore Barcode Scanner Communications with Bar Code Dialog

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To return an OMRON Microscan barcode scanner to a known-good default state to re-establish communications.
In certain instances, communication with a barcode scanner may become impossible, often due to an unintentional change of settings to an unknown state. This may make certain default procedures unavailable. This procedure will allow you to default the reader, including communication settings, back to a known default state to allow the re-establishment of communications.
Supported Products:
 All current AutoID products supported by ESP
1. Open ESP.
2. Choose your product model from the “Model” window:


3. Answer “No” if asked if you want to connect to the scanner:



4. Click “App Mode” > “View” > “Bar Code Dialog”:




5. Click “New”, then select the blank 2nd symbol (in red below; may be different symbology depending on product selected), then enter the text as shown in the “Bar Code Value” field. Ensure the “Add start configuration code” box is also checked.


6. Now that the symbols are created, you need to perform an “EZ Button” or “Setup Button” default. This will erase all settings back to factory defaults (including putting the unit into the necessary Continuous Read mode) except for communication settings; that is what the symbols are for. To do this, first disconnect power from the scanner. Next, press and hold the “EZ” or “Setup” button (a small membrane switch next to the indicator LEDs) and, while still holding the button, reapply power to the scanner. You will continue to hold the button for 15-30 seconds until you see the green “Good Read” flash from the face of the scanner; then you may release the button. You should be able to tell if this was successful by holding a barcode in front of the scanner and seeing if the green “Good Read” flash happens repeatedly. If this occurs, you will know the unit is in Continuous Read mode.

7. Click “Print” to print both configuration symbols. Alternatively, you may be able to scan them directly from the screen in some cases.

8. Scan the top symbol first. If this is successful, you should see the indicator LEDs scanning back and forth similar to the car from TV’s “Knight Rider”.

9. Once in “Knight Rider” mode, scan the bottom symbol. If successful, you should see and/or hear the scanner reboot itself. At that point the unit should now be fully defaulted and you should be able to reestablish communication using the defined factory default settings.

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