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QX-830 - Update Boot Firmware

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Boot firmware will have to be updated using the RS232 connection instead of the Ethernet
connection. There is also an additional step required for the Boot firmware update and will
require a flying leads cable. This guide will show the steps using a QX-1 configuration.
1. Power down the QX-830.
2. Connect the QX-830 to port '2' of the QX-1 .
3. Connect the Flying Lead cable to port '1' of the QX-1 (make sure the wires are not
being shorted!).
4. Connect the Power Supply to port '3' of the QX-1.
5. Locate pin 3 (Default, Green) and pin 7 (OV, Blue) and connect them together.
6. Power up the QX-830, the 20%, 40% and 60% LEDs will start blinking to indicate
download mode.
7. Disconnect the green wire from the blue wire and disconnect the Flying lead cable
from port '1' of the QX-1.
8. Connect the RS-232 cable to port '1' of the QX-1 .
9. In ESP use the 'Auto Connect' function to connect to the COM Port the device is
connected to.
10. Go to Utilities then to the Firmware section.
11 . Press CTRL+B and select the Boot firmware file (ex. 35-338302-12.002.mot). After the
update is complete, cycle the power to the QX-830 and reconnect in ESP.
12. Device will 'beep' after the reboot.
13. Use the firmware verification tool in ESP to verify the boot part number has been

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