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Downgrading a newer LVS-9510 to an older version of LVS-95XX software

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 Note: This is not possible with the LVS-958X models. Those will need their specific (serial number) and original factory databases as a starting point.

 Downgrading is not recommended but sometimes desired especially with customers that validate their systems (medical/pharma companies for example). This request usually occurs when they replace or add to their quantity of LVS-9510 units at their facility. Using an older version means you will not have the latest ISO changes or bug fixes. We do not recommend going older than version 4.1.0j.
 The newer LVS-9510 will come with a database created from the latest software released at the time of sale/shipping. This is usually not compatible with older versions of the software and will give an error such as a database warning, then fatal error and close. Or it may also give the “This machine not authorized to perform this function…” error.

1. Rename or delete the existing database in the folder. Usually in C:\Users\Public\LVS-95XX folder.
2. Start the LVS-95XX software and click the Calibration tab.
3. Log in with the password of the day. You will need to reach out to the Omron Microscan technical support group for this login information.
4. Perform a ‘factory’ calibrate after entering the New Test Card Parameters in the Goal column, or make sure they match what is on the Calibration card. If you get a step that asks for “Focus” or “Iris” adjustment, just click OK.
5. Once the factory calibration is completed the LVS deviceshould now work with the your older version of LVS-95xx software

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