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Common Reasons for LVS-95XX Calibration Failure

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Illustrate possible common causes for failed calibration in LVS-95XX-series barcode verifiers using LVS-95XX software.
Supported Products:
 LVS-95XX Software
 LVS-9500 (Legacy)
 LVS-9505 (Legacy)
 LVS-9510
 LVS-9570
 LVS-9580
 LVS-9585
Common Reason 1 - A dirty or scratched window:
Something as simple as multiple fingerprints or other smudges on the window can cause a degradation of the image sufficient to cause calibration failure. The same goes for scratches, which are often easily seen by viewing the glass at a very low angle. These sorts of issues will generally (though not always) cause the greatest degradation in the Modulation criteria. Make sure to clean the glass thoroughly per the operating instructions for your device. Scratched windows are also field-replaceable using an available kit (contact your OMRON rep for details). Lastly, ensure that the protective film that is applied to the window at the factory has been removed prior to use of the unit.


Common Reason 2 – Mismatched calibration card parameters in the LVS-95XX software:
In the “Calibration” tab of the LVS-95XX software is a column of four different values labeled “Goal”. These four values correspond to the four values printed underneath the calibration symbol on your calibration card. The values on the card and in the “Goal” column must match prior to calibration. If they do not, click the “Enter new test card parameters” button on the “Calibration” page and enter the values from the card. Once entered, re-attempt the calibration.

Common Reason 3 – Damaged or expired calibration card:
ISO requires calibration cards to be replaced two years after purchase. While an unused or lightly used card may still be in acceptable condition after this time (expiration date alone will not cause calibration failure), cards can still degrade in ways that are not readily visible to the naked eye, thus the ISO requirement. Conversely, a card may become damaged or degraded well before its two year expiration date. This damage may or may not be obvious and may manifest in different calibration values failing. When in doubt, consult with OMRON Technical Support or replace the card in question.

Common Reason 4 – Window film not removed
Some of the LVS-95XX products ship with a protective plastic film applied to their glass windows. Ensure this is removed prior to use (it is easily peeled off) since it is very likely to prevent calibration.

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