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Simpler Method to Install a 2nd LVS-95XX Verifier

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Provide a simpler method to install a 2nd LVS-95XX barcode verifier on a single PC.
Use this guide to install a max of one each of the LVS-95XX barcode verifier models on a single PC. You CANNOT install more than one of the SAME model on a single PC.
Supported Products:
 LVS-95XX Software, version & newer
 LVS-9510
 LVS-9570
 LVS-9580
 LVS-9585

Install 2nd LVS-95XX Verifier
1. If you already have a working LVS-95XX verifier, double-check and ensure it is fully functional and is able to be calibrated. Ensure the LVS-95XX software is closed before moving to Step 2.
2. Locate the USB memory drive that was included with your 2nd verifier, open it on your PC, and locate the .mdb file located in the root of the drive. The filename will include the serial number of the verifier hardware.
3. Copy the .mdb file from the USB memory drive to C:\Program Files(x86)\Microscan\LVS-95XX\Recovery. If this “Recovery” folder is not present, create it and the copy the .mdb file into the new folder. By copying the .mdb file for the 2nd verifier into the “Recovery” folder, the factory calibration table (a requirement for the software to allow a user to calibrate) is automatically pulled into the main “working” .mdb file located in C:\Users\Public\LVS-95XX.


4. With both verifiers connected to the PC, open the LVS-95XX software and login. You should now have an option to select both verifiers that looks similar to the “Camera” section of the screenshot below. You can then select the desired verifier to both grade barcodes and/or calibrate the unit


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