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MicroHAWK V3xx/V4xx/ID-20 License Installation Procedure

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This document will describe the procedure to install additional feature licenses purchased for the MicroHAWK V3xx, V4xx, and ID-20 barcode readers.
The MicroHAWK family of barcode readers has the unique ability to use add-on licenses to enable additional features purchased at a later date (dependent on existing installed features). This is done through the installation of small license files. This procedure will be outlined here.
Supported Devices:
 MicroHAWK V320
 MicroHAWK v330
 MicroHAWK v420
 MicroHAWK v430
 MicroHAWK ID-20
What you will need:
 MicroHAWK Barcode Reader
 FTP client software (FileZilla Client used in this example)
 MicroHAWK feature license file (.lic file)

1. Connect the MicroHAWK to the Ethernet network or the PC.
2. Open FileZilla FTP Client and following info into the corresponding fields at the top:
Host: Your MicroHAWK’s IP address (default is
Username: target
Password: password
3. In the upper-right pane navigate to /sd0:0/Config/Licensing.
4. Copy your .lic feature license file to the Licensing folder.
5. Close FileZilla Client and reboot or power cycle your MicroHAWK.
6. Your newly-licensed feature should now be active on your MicroHAWK


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