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"Resetting camera..." message in LVS-95XX software

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The "Resetting camera..." message appears and the background activity occurs when there has been a loss of USB connectivity with the LVS-95XX verifier, specifically the camera (see screenshot below):

User-added image

When the LVS-95XX software detects it is no longer in communication with the camera, it attempts to reset the connection. Prior to adding this reset logic in version and later, the software would throw a "fatal error" message and crash. With this new logic, the software doesn’t throw the fatal error and crash the software, rather opting to show the "Resetting camera..." message and attempting to regain connection with the camera.  If/when the camera is found once again, the software recovers, allowing continued use.

Possible solutions:

  • Ensure the USB cable is connected to securely to a known-good USB port on the PC. If the cable has become disconnected,  reconnect the USB cable and attempt to allow the software to detect the camera. If the camera is not detected at this point, close and restart the LVS-95XX software.
  • If the USB cable is already connected, try closing the LVS-95XX software and then switching to another USB port.
  • Try changing the USB cable for another known-good cable.
  • If this occurs on an LVS-9510, ensure the power supply is connected and that the LEDs are turned on. If either of these are not correct, close the LVS-95XX software, then fix the issue and restart the LVS-95XX software.
  • If running antivirus and/or other PC security software, please ensure that the "LVS-95XX.exe" process is whitelisted, especially in Kaspersky Endpoint. For Kaspersky in particular, you can generally find this under "General Settings" > "Exclusions" > "Scan Exclusions & Trusted Applications" > "Settings".
If none of these steps successfully resolve the issue, please contact OMRON Microscan Tech Support for further assistance.

Software Version

4.3.0 & later

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