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95XX software error - "Initial Factory Calibration Not Found"

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The issue is that the factory calibration file (.mdb) was not copied and renamed to the correct folder on the PC. There are several solutions to this issue. Please follow the instructions in the manuals - Appendix J to correct the problem. Manuals are downloaded during install or can be downloaded from the following link to our download center. http://www.microscan.com/en-us/support/download-center

  1. Please copy the .mdb file found on the original install media. The format of the name is likely Product Model #_Serial #.mdb (Example LVS-9510-16298.mdb) and place it in correct folder Then rename it to the same name as the folder. (Example for Software version 4.1.0 and forward would be LVS-95XX.mdb).
    • If the Verifier is a 9580 and 9585 DPM submit a Help Desk request HERE and please provide the Product # and Serial # of the unit in question. We will send a link to the original .mdb file that you can use in step one of this article.
  2. If the unit is not a 9580 or 9585 DPM, then the next solution would be to log in with the LVS user account and the password of the day and perform a factory calibration. (Contact Microscan Helpdesk HERE to obtain the Password of the Day login (PoTD)). Then when going through the procedure follow the on screen instructions. You will need the Calibration card and 10 sheets of plain white paper.

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