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BarCode Too Wide for Field of View (Stitching Feature)

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The entire process of stitching a label requires the user to correctly align the images being stitched. Failure to correctly align the labels results in the barcode being graded poorly. When in doubt, perform the stitching process again.
Note that the stitching feature does not work for all barcodes.
1. Activate the Stitching feature by pressing the [Ctrl + S] keyboard buttons at the same time; the screen changes as shown in the screenshot below.
User-added image
2. Adjust the image so the left edge of the linear barcode is visible and leave
enough space for the left quiet zone (see screenshot on next page).
User-added image
3. Line up the top of the barcode to the blue line; this can be done by
positioning the barcode itself or by clicking on the blue line with your
4. Press the “Add” button; the resulting image appears in the top, left corner
of the screen (see screenshot on next page).
You will also notice a blue line and a dotted red line; these lines are tools
used for barcode alignment purposes. The goal is to keep the barcode
image perfectly straight.
Tip: Always keep the bars perpendicular to the blue line and keep the
top of the barcode aligned to the same blue line.
User-added image
5. The onscreen instructions prompt you to slide the label so that the same information appears under both dotted red lines; this is where the label is to be spliced (see below).
Notice in the screenshot below that the “0” (which is part of the human readable characters) is positioned over the red line on the top image as well as on the bottom image. Also notice that the top of the barcode is still perfectly aligned to the blue line.
When done, click the “Add” button.
User-added image
6. The stitched image appears at the top of the screen (see below). The red line shifts over to a new position and you are now prompted to move the label over to its new stitching position.
The screenshot below shows that the new position is located after the number “2” human readable character.User-added image
7. In the screenshot below, the label has been moved to its proper stitching position. Notice that the bottom image is aligned to the red line in the same position as indicated in the stitched image. Also notice that the bottom image barcode continues to be aligned perfectly to the blue line.
When done, press the “Add” button.
User-added image
8. In the screenshot below, the right end of the barcode appears along with the appropriate space for a quiet zone, indicating that no additional stitching is required. Press the “Ok” button.
User-added image
9.The “Grading” screen appears and the stitched image is graded automatically (see below).User-added image
10. When the Stitching feature is complete, the INTEGRA 95XX software automatically turns off the camera; however, the camera must be turned back on. To turn on the camera, click the “Setup” tab and click “On” within the “Camera” section (see below).
User-added image

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